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with Confidence

As a public charity, the Educational and Charitable Foundation adheres to the highest standards to operate in the public view and public interest.

ECF is audited annually by Orr-McIntrye & Associates, and final audited financial statements are released each fall.  The most recent financial information can be accessed below.



Educational and Charitable Foundation Public Disclosure Policy


The Educational and Charitable Foundation will make available for public inspection the last three years of its tax documents, including Internal Revenue Service Forms 990, 990-T (if applicable), and the ECF's tax exemption application, IRS Form 1023. If the request for any of these documents is made in person, the requested documents will be provided on the day of the request, if possible. If the request is in writing (including email), copies will be provided within 30 days of the request. The requestor will be charged a reasonable fee for the cost of copying, plus postage. Additionally, some of these documents are available on GuideStar. 



Our most current investment information is available for your review and updated quarterly.   


Annually, the Educational and Charitable Foundation publishes a community impact report that highlights the Foundation's mission delivery, programs, and community engagement initiatives.  Please email ECF Compliance for more information.

Impacting our Community

2017-19 Fiscal Reports

Form 990

2017-19 Fiscal Reports

Annual Report

2019 Form 990


Annual Report

Governing Documents

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