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Empowering Our Community

Our Organization

The Educational and Charitable Foundation (ECF), a federally designated 501(c)3 organization. The Foundation partners with numerous organizations to empower our community for a brighter tomorrow through education, service, and philanthropy. 


Our Mission

The Educational and Charitable Foundation provides academic achievement programs and scholarships, advances culture and civic engagement, enhances economic empowerment, and promotes health, wellness, and social welfare throughout Fairfax County and Northern Virginia through global partnerships and strategic alliances.

Our Values


We build a culture of belonging, and we focus on shared interests and beliefs to achieve a common societal good.


We inspire, invite, and include others to work for a common good. We appreciate, respect, and trust each other. We commit to the team over individual success, and we engage everyone’s voice and talents.


We achieve objectives through open, accountable, trustful actions, partnerships, and sound strategic objectives.


We earn and maintain trust and confidence through transparency, honesty, fairness and credibility.

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