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2022 Teachers Assistance Grant Awardees

Jamilla Gault

Mullen Elementary School


Sponsored by: Cora Faith Walker Foundation

Rev. Jamilla Gault is a wife, mother, teacher, preacher, community activist and humanitarian. Jamilla grew up in Detroit, MI and moved to Washington D.C. to attend Howard University as an undergrad graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in May of 2002 with a concentration in Political Science. Jamilla Gault has been a special education lead teacher in Prince William County for over 14 years at the elementary and middle school level. Jamilla received a master’s degree in special education at George Mason University in May of 2011. 

Purchase books to build a multicultural and diverse library for grade level readers. 
The goal is to expose students to a broader community fiction and nonfictional characters that look like them and share similar experiences.


Tiffany Spann Casey, Ed.D.

Mount Vernon High School

Dr. Tiffany Spann Casey is a Technology, Engineering, and Education teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools. She is also an Adjunct Professor for the School of Education Ed.D. programs at Marymount University. She has a Doctor of
Education in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, & Leadership. She has a strong background in Engineering and STEM with many years of experience working in the industry, K-12, and in higher education.

Students will use the (FlashForge Adventurer 3) 3D Printer to print a prototype to illustrate their projects assigned in their STEM Design class using the Inventor CAD software. My students will be able to show models/prototypes from their CAD projects to display for everyone to see. Displaying their projects will also be used as a recruitment strategy for the upcoming school year to enroll more female students in STEM.

Brittany M. Walker

Stratford Landing Elementary School

Brittany M Walker is a Special Education teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Bennett College for Women.  She also attended Georrge Mason University where she received her Masters in Special Education with a concentration in K-12 General Education Curriculum. Since graduating from college, Brittany has taken numerous trainings and courses to help advance her teaching career. Some of the important courses that she has taken include Number Talks, the Third Edition of the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA-3), Developmental Spelling and Reading Assessments (DRA and DSA) and Responsive Classroom. She has also had trainings in TransMath, VMath, Boardmaker and Corrective Reading and Decoding in order to run special education programs
within my classroom.


Students who need time to reflect or cool down will have an opportunity to use the "Stress Free Zone” to help them reflect on the issue that they are faced with to then reset and re-enter the main classroom with a positive outlook and determination to finish the class or assignment on a good note.

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