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Meet Our

2022 Scholars


Estelle Gaymon Scholarship

Natania Elias

Natania Elias is a senior at Lake Braddock Secondary School. A dedicated advocate for those in need, she spends many hours volunteering as a cross-disciplinary tutor, fundraising for the Wegene Ethiopian Foundation and spearheading initiatives for those from low-income backgrounds. These efforts have resulted in a desire to shape public policy in the areas of economics, education, and public safety. She will be attending Harvard University in the fall.


By graciously alleviating my financial burden, the ECF Estelle Gaymon Scholarship Grant has guaranteed my ability to receive a college education. Through this grant, I will be able to experience the security and opportunity provided by a college education. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards ECF for granting me this amazing opportunity.

HBCU Scholarship

Leah Cobb

I am a senior at Patriot High School and will be graduating on June 2, 2022! At my school I participate in the National Honor Society and African-American Student Association for which I was the President during my Junior year. I’ve also participated in track and field, and spent 3 years as a competitive cheerleader. Thank-you for considering me as I embark on my college journey. I promise to give back to society in every way possible.


As you all know, the cost of attendance for college is increasingly more for an out-of-state student, and as a result, the debt has been a concern on my behalf. However, thanks to your generosity and trust I have a burden lifted off of my shoulders, and one less thing to worry about. There are no words to express my gratitude. I promise to live up to my potential in my studies at NC A&T State University. Thank you for having faith in my pursuit of education and awarding me with the 2022 HBCU scholarship, and grant for social media.

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Kozy Kerchief & Kozy Kap

Catherine Caputo

Catherine Caputo is a graduate of Woodgrove High School in Purcellville, Virginia.  She is graduating from WHS with a 4.65 GPA, earned while taking 11 AP/DE classes.  Her faith, the most important thing to her, has led her to start a Bible Study at Woodgrove, and she leads this every Monday and Wednesday by creating studies/discussions and leading prayer. Outside of school, Catherine works two jobs at a local restaurant and winery. In her free-time, Catherine enjoys spending time with friends and family outdoors. 


Catherine will be putting the scholarship to good use as she continues her education next year at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, VA studying Construction Engineering. The ECF Kozy Kerchief/Kozy Kaps Scholarship will make it possible for Catherine to continue in her aspirations beyond college. Catherine’s plans after graduating with her Bachelor's degree are to establish her own engineering firm and participate in overseas mission trips. Being the recipient of this scholarship is such an honor to Catherine because it would aid her in meshing her interests of faith and serving others through construction service projects.

STEM Scholarship

Vishnupriya Alavala

Vishnupriya Alavala is a high school senior who concurrently attends Freedom High School and the Academies of Loudoun (Academy of Science). She has conducted research in environmental engineering and neuroscience with the Academies and George Mason University. Vishnu loves engaging with people from other cultures; she connected with friends in Egypt as part of a STEM camp and peers in Daegu as part of a Korea Research Collaboration.

She is highly-motivated and passionate about pursuing a medical career with an emphasis on neuroscience, surgery, laboratory research, and combating healthcare disparities in underserved communities around the world. She will be continuing her studies at Virginia Commonwealth University as a Biology major in the Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine (B.S./M.D.).


We are all weighed down by the invisible baggage we carry throughout our lives. As an aspiring neurosurgeon,

I know my imaginary baggage will be the price tag of my education. The
Education and Charitable Foundation STEM Scholarship will help my family and me shoulder the financial burden of sustaining my passion and curiosity.

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Dr. LaToya Smith
Medical Scholarship

Jada Watts

Jada Watts is a rising third year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine. She is originally from Beckley, WV.  Jada obtained her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Howard University where she graduated magna cum laude in 2020. Her current specialty of interest is emergency medicine with a special emphasis on social emergency medicine. 

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